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If you own a home or have minor children, a living trust is for you. A living trust is similar to a Will in that both instruments ensure your estate is distributed to your beneficiaries in the manner you choose; however, unlike a will, a living trust takes effect during your life and allows you to avoid probate and a possible conservatorship.


A living trust, which can be amended and revoked per the trust terms, helps you:


(1) avoid the costs and delays of probate;

(2) control assets during your life should you become incapacitated;

(3) control out-of-state as well as in-state property;

(4) minimize taxes and expenses;

(5) keep your affairs confidential – as opposed to probate, which is a matter of public record; and

(6) reduce the likelihood of litigation – wills are easier for someone to contest than a trust.


There are many different types of trusts and Stephen Grant will help you select the best trust for you and your family.


Call (213) 545-1331 today to have Stephen Grant  draft or change your trust, or contact us to ask Stephen Grant a question.

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